Thanks for visiting our website! As you will see - we represent high quality manufacturers, encompassing all price points. All of our manufacturers have long term relationships with us. We are a virtual showroom located in Dallas, TX after being in the Apparel Mart and World Trade Center in Dallas for 35 years! We have provided some pictures for you and a pdf of our catalog for each of the 4 lines we represent. Very soon we will have a You Tube video of us presenting each of our lines if that is an easier way for you to work. As you will see on our website - these are all very popular kids apparel lines with quality manufacturers! Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about the lines.

We are sorry but our manufacturers are not willing to ship merchandise outside of the United States. If you have a retail store and are interested in purchasing our lines, or if you have a line you want us to represent, we can be reached in Dallas at 214-631-7982 or email us at We have a very experienced and wonderful assistant named Noni...who can absolutely help you with anything you may need as well.

Please meet our newest additions to the family! These kittens are named Ziggy and Abby and they are of the Ragdoll breed of cat. They are so cute with LOTS of energy! Please check back often for new pictures of them.


David and Arlene Cooper

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